Cost Management Solutions

Cost Management Solutions

Cost Management solutions provide analysis on how print and copy usage occurs within an organization. They help reduce or eliminate unnecessary color printing, and can route print to the most cost effective devices or copy center.

Who Needs a Cost Management Solution?

Cost Management is perfect for any organization that needs to track the use of their print devices and equipment, control what is printed, maximize utility, and direct printing to the most cost effective output devices. Law offices, engineering or architectural firms, and educational institutions, all need to accurately track useage in order recover print costs.

How Does Cost Management Work?

Your organization will gain the ability to track any print or copy job from all networked computers and devices. You can set page limits, apply color print control rules, decide what printers are used, and route jobs from expensive inkjets to cost effective digital multi-function devices. You can even control excessive or needless color or monochrome printing.

Benefits of Cost Management

Reduce printing costs by as much as 30%.
Control previously untracked expenses.
Predictable, fixed cost for easy budgeting.
Consolidate hardware for optimized workflows.
Automatic supplies and maintenance unburden staff.