Document Management

Convenience and Security

What is Document Management?

Document Management refers to how your company receives, manages, tracks, stores, and shares its documents and records. Due to the sheer volume of documents, and the diverse variety of document formats, companies today are finding it increasingly difficult to effectively manage those documents and records without an electronic management system.

Who Needs a Document Management System?

Most companies find themselves accumulating both paper and digital files, with no consistent way of handling either. And no secure way to access or share documents across multiple locations. Instead, they are stuck with cabinets full of paper documents that take up too much space and make it nearly impossible to retrieve key documents quickly.

Paper documents, file folders, file cabinets, and photocopies are all part of every businesses daily process and workflow.These paper-based systems have been in use for so long that often times organizations have adapted to the complexities, inefficiencies and costs of moving paper. Misplaced files, inconvenient storage locations, wasted time searching and organizing, all of these situations cause productivity loss in addition to a hard cost attached. Customer satisfaction decreases in return as well.

What Can I Expect From a BEU Document Management System?

After performing a complete 360° analysis, BEU will implement an automated, efficient document management system that will save time and money, keep your information secure, allow for easy document retrieval and collaboration across multiple locations, and help your company meet industry compliance requirements.

Benefits of Doc Management

Reduce printing costs by as much as 30%.
Control previously untracked expenses.
Predictable, fixed cost for easy budgeting.
Consolidate hardware for optimized workflows.
Automatic supplies and maintenance unburden staff.