Cost Management Solutions

Enhanced Capture of Hard Copy Documents from Scanners and Multifunction Devices



Scanning solutions make your company’s information more accessible to more users. They minimize the need and expense associated with storing and archiving old paper files.

Intelligent Scanning provides you with the ability to quickly find and recreate documents without having to search through documents stored in old file cabinets, and protect new files from catastrophic loss.

How Does Intelligent Scanning Work?

Intelligent Scanning streamlines the scanning processes, re-naming image files, creating searchable PDF files, and routing scanned files to shared networks, email, and document management systems.

Intelligent Scanning also enhances the scan process itself. Scan batches by separating a stack of documents into individual image files, eliminating the need to scan each document one at a time. Easily capture fields and index information, simultaneously copy documents while scanning, read barcode coversheets to route or index documents, connect to databases to reduce manual data entry, and pre-define complete scan and document workflows.

Benefits of Intelligent Scanning

Reduce printing costs by as much as 30%.
Control previously untracked expenses.
Predictable, fixed cost for easy budgeting.
Consolidate hardware for optimized workflows.
Automatic supplies and maintenance unburden staff.